I Am An Experiment – An Extraordinary Spiritual Adventure

Truth is often stranger than fiction. I Am An Experiment is a true, unique and universal story. In it Ashtara shares her life transforming experiences of multi-dimensional space travel and interactions with, and training by, celestial and extra-terrestrial light beings. Journal entries written between the years 1993 to 2000 formed the foundation for her story.

Ashtara offers a brilliant glimpse of infinity, universal order and humanity’s spiritual evolution. The teachings contained within the book awaken soul memories and provide helpful explanations and answers to many of life’s soul-searching questions.

Her star teachers asked that she record and share her experiences. She does so in the belief that her story will open the hearts and minds of readers to a higher lovebased reality, and invoke a curiosity about seemingly impossible experiences. Would you be willing to travel into unchartered realms of consciousness to further your spiritual evolutionary path.

The book is also a guide to assist the healing of ancient soul wounds and forms a bridge between the consciousness of the past and that of the future.

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1993 & 1994 – AN AWAKENING….Page 1

The Quest, Christian Upbringing, An Awakening at Santa Fe, Chiron Return, Introduction to Spiritual Guides: 1993 – Astrology and Sound Training, Esoteric Psychology, The Woman of Luminosity, 1994 – Inter-dimensional Experiences, Crystal Healing, Crystal Technology, The Writing Process, Introduction to Sai Baba, White Buffalo Woman, The Sacred Circle Dance, Paneurythmy; A Scientific Experiment, The Council of Nine.


The Sacred Journey, Gaia’s Ascension, Colour Therapy, Zeolite, The Obelisk, The Archangel Michael, Dedication to the Light, Understanding of Creation, An Important Lesson, A Cosmic Identity, Mr Squiggle, Independence, A Pleiadian Experiment, A Repeat Experiment, Hidden Symbols, Transmission of Love, The Archangels Wings, A Bulgarian Adventure, Spiritual Growth Accelerates, Zodiacal Polarities, Supreme Being, Pleiadian Message, Optimum Health, The Role of Light Beings, Pegasus, the Cosmic Horse, The Structure and Form of

1996, 1997 & 1998 – HISTORY REVEALED…..Page 99

The Comet, The Spiritual Hierarchy, A Space Craft, Meeting with Jesus/Sananda, Saturn and Chiron, The Path of Self-Love, Universal Design Patterns, Speaking the Truth, A Treasure Chest, Gaia’s Pain, The Sirian Connection, USA Astrology Conference, Galactic Council Meeting, The Seven Sisters, My Soul’s History, The Higher Self, The Lords of Orion, A Precious Accolade, Book Launch, Australian Walk-About, The White Buffalo, Re- arrangement of Molecules, The Sirian Temple of Light

1999 – A PRIESTESS OF ISIS…..Page 138

Sirian Beings Revealed, The Star, Gaia’s Heartbeat, Abraham’s Message, Mary Magdalen, Intuitive Words, A Title Remembered, Discrimination, Forgiveness, Ashtara, A Priestess of Isis, An Ending, Introduction to Antares, Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi


A new Millennium, The Dragon, Ancient Wisdom with a New Look, TheComet’s Message, Antares Training, Arcturus, Further Antares Training, Celestial Neon Colours, Departure of 1D and 2D Elementals, A Jupiter/Uranus Experience, Perturbation into Greater Light, Farewell to Antares, I Am You and You Are Me, A Record Keeper, South America, Gestation of The Golden Age, Training by the Spiritual Hierarchy, Perception, Frequencies of Energy, Energetic Density, Preparing to Fly, USA Adventure, A “Walk-In” Experience


“Through all-seeing Mind, I myself have been the witness of the invisible things of Heaven, and through
contemplation come to the knowledge of the Truth.
This knowing I have set down in these writing….”

This book is my personal story. One of memoirs, recorded in my daily journal between 1993 and 2000. It is an extraordinary adventure into unknown dimensional realms. My experiences arose from dedicated spiritual aspiration, disciplined daily meditation and regular spiritual practices. The story details my ascension into realms of celestial light and ecstatic divine love.

During my daily meditation practice celestial and extra-terrestrial beings trained me to ‘remote view’. Remote viewing is the ability to mind travel to an intentional location to view places, events, people and things. NASA trains people to do this. I was also taught to communicate telepathically and to bi-locate i.e. to use all six senses and experience full bodily sensations while operating in multi-dimensional localities. Most of my training involved navigating celestial realms and meeting, identifying and inter-acting with the highly evolved lightbeings residing there. They taught me to awaken within my mind and body different frequency ranges. The training processes were fun. My trainers were incredibly loving and considerate, and the processes felt familiar and natural, as if I’d experienced them before, in another time.

Very early in the training I realized that my consciousness could travel to areas my rational mind couldn’t access. My trainers asked that I record my experiences and share them at the appropriate time. That time is now.

My work is to awaken and catalyse people into the understanding and experience of broader realities and of the infinite nature of consciousness and divine love. I am dedicated to my work.

The content of this book is true for me. It is for you to ascertain its truth through your intuition and heart-felt response.

I invite you to fasten your seat belts and travel with me into unchartered starry realms.

November 2012

I Am An Experiment
An Extraordinary Spiritual Adventure

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